AlaRieTe is a microenterprise of production and cultural promotion based in Tapalpa, Jalisco which was born on the initiative of Marlet Martinez and Víctor Figueroa in 2013. To date the group have co-produced three stage pieces with multidisciplinary artists from different countries. Presenting at the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choregrapher, (USA) Itinerant Festival of Latin American Theater, Lima, Perú. Festival Cultural Guadalajara Sucede, among others. AlaRieTe has been awarded by grants by the Secretary of Culture of Jalisco, AMEXCID and recently one of its founders received a grant from the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, FONCA in 2017. The pieces in the repertoire of the group to be offered are Metadonna, ArreuG, MobileIntent, as well as Yucuita, a project supported by the FONCA under the program of Creadores Escénicos 2018. AlaRieTe currently works with MeditaPalpa SAPI de CV. in a program of artistic residences in a cultural complex under construction with ecotechnics located in the southern highlands of Jalisco, in the territory of Tapalpa.