Performing arts in public space is priority for us beacuse we consider it a heritage created by humanity which lives and grows political and culturallly,  allowing intimate contact for our specie, this space grows within and out according our conection with mother Earth. We intend to praise the streets, gardens and squares as a sacred space for the meeting of communities, a space for dialogue and reconciliation. Some of these ideas came to us after practicing and learn about permaculture, theory of systems, biological architecture, neurolinguistic programming, quantum physics, synergic agriculture and physical economy, these and some other concepts in continuous dynamism, have led us deep into our artistic work, exploiting these ideas into an holistic performing art expression that interact with the architecture of the space and the energy of the audience, sharing differentes reliefs of social dynamics in each space that is intervene.





Alariete Compañia Arts alive, is a cultural foundation which dedicates its energy to the study, research, production and promotion of the performing arts, joining concepts of dance, theater and music especially to be executed in the natural heritage of sacred space, and the human heritage of public space in towns and metropolis, sharing our art in spaces designed and thought by the planet and by our society. To execute our mission the group considered some concepts of Permaculture and biological architecture to artistically intervene the specific space architecture, considering ergonomic principles of maximum efficiency with less energy in order to express in each work a comprehensive, sustainable and humane message that consider kinestesical, musical and linguistics intellengence to join the energy, relief and social dynamics of each space to be intervene, turning our work to be designed FOR the architecture of the space or productions made WITH the architecture of the space.








Create a community of scenic artists who live through a self-sustaining village of of creation, production and research in the performing arts, whose headquarters and offices site is located at the ecocreative community of MediTapalpa, located in the sierra de Tapalpa, Jalisco. Our 10 years project is to build the necessary infrastructure that will allow us to develop a specific pedagogy where music, dance and theatre walk and progresses in unity and harmony.











Humanist Art
Integral Arte
Sustainable Art