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Metadonna is the first interdisciplinary original production of the AlaRieTe that approaches the research of the scientist and renaissance artist Leonardo Batista Alberti. The piece is imbued with concepts about geometry, biology, anatomy, and the the so called 5 elements, a knowledge that is used by a renaissance man who seeks to build his own perfect woman.

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MobileIntent is a performance directed by the visual artist, Ann Schnake,  from Oakland,California. And is performed by the AlaRieTe artist using improvisation, interactive clowning and live music we play the concepts of the borderless imaginary, the distributions of resources, colonialism and the possibilities of a magic future.

ArreuG/Cuadros de un Pasado Violento.

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ArreuG/Frames of a Violent Past,  is a work that combines visual installation, contemporary dance and live music into a performance that shows the hidden reality of violence of Colombia and México. The work is an international co-production created collectively between AlaRieTe (MEX) and Nemcatacoa Teatro (COL)

Yukuita/Andaza del Kanto Xade.

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Yukuita, is a solo performance   sheltered by a yurt where traditional mexican dance, live music and spoken word are putting into stage to tell  the history of the antediluvian Yukuita people, an ancient culture that hide his memory and mystic power in jade crystals.

ancient technology hidden in quartz and crystals that needs to be decoded before the last survivor of the jade song dies


ancient technology hidden in quartz and crystals that needs to be decoded before the last survivor of the jade song dies



MobileIntent, June 2019.

From June 24 to 30, Ann Schnake again has come back to  Tapalpa, Jalisco, bringing together plastic artists, stage artists and the territory in a scenic intervention involving artists from Mexico and the United States, living for a week in Tapalpa, Jalisco , (Adan Alonso, Ingrid Karina, Victor Charles, Victor Figueroa, Marlet Martinez and Robert Hernandez)  worked in a series of interventions to build a short film about Micky Mouse and the old spirits of México.

Field Laboratories, August 2019.

FOUNDATIONS OF THE RESIDENCE .The cultural and environmental collective AlaRieTe Teatro Sustentable, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the State of Jalisco, calls up dancers, actors, musicians, circus artists and martial artists to participate in the performance arts residency,” Laboratorios del Campo” 2019, which takes place in the municipality of Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico, at the facilities of the AlaRieTe Sustainable Theater group, from 5th to 18 August, 2019.


Yukuita/ Andanza del Kanto Xade. European Tour. Fall 2019.

YourFestival “A Mouthful of Theater”, Timisoara, Romania.Presentations of the interdisciplinary stage piece in different cities of Romania, Europe. 2019. September and October 2019.

Festival CiviCultura,  Timisoara.


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